Saturday, September 30, 2006


3/4 shot kirsch
2 shots gin
1/2 shot apricot brandy

Combine all together in a cocktail shaker with ice shake well and strain into a cocktail glass. Add twist of lemon.

Kahlua And Coke

1 part kahlua
2-3 parts coke

pour kahlua into a short glass, then coke over the top. Add ice if desired

Great for all you couch potatoes on a late night


1 shot vodka
dash sour mix
3/4 shot triple sec
dash lime juice

shake together with ice strain into chilled cocktail glass.

Simple sour mix: sugar and fresh lemon juice

Karioke Smash

3 shots Baileys Irish Cream
1 shot banana liqueur
3 shots brandy

we love this drink a very tasty coctail we do it by the jug cool it in the fridge over night ice in a glass or put the glass in the fridge

a fantastic cocktail


7ml grenadine
100ml lemonade
15ml midori
25ml malibu
20ml peach schnapps (archers)

Fill Large Wine Glass with crushed ice, build the archers and Malibu over the ice add the lemonade. Add the Midori to the glass Float the Grenadine

Cant seem to find a decent garnish But the girls love it Happy drinking


1 measure apricot brandy
1.5 measures vodka
0.5 measure lime juice

Shake ingredients well and serve over crushed ice in a cocktail glass. Decorate with a sprig of mint.

Very tasty.

Katy's Eighteen

3 wine glasses vodka
5 wine glasses pineapple juice
8 wine glasses orange juice
1/2 wine glass bacardi
1/2 wine glass Pimms

Just add everything and mix! Add ice if wanted!

Will make enough for a large pitcher.

Kellie's Spicy Night

1 Shot After Shock (Red)
2 shots whisky
Top up pint glass red bull

Get a pint glass. Add Red Bull Add whisky Add Aftershock

Simple, nice-tasting, DEADLY. See how many you can knock-back B4 your knocked-backwards!


3 shots bourbon
1 shot pineapple juice

shake well with ice and strain into a cocktail glass chilled.

Kentucky Colonel

3 shots bourbon
1 shot benedictine

stir together well with ice and pour into a cocktail glass. Garnish with twist of lemon.

Kentucky Orange Blossom

3 shots bourbon
1 shot orange juice
1/2 shot cointreau

Shake all together well with ice then strain into cocktail glass and garnish with twist of orange.

Keywest Cooler

3 count orange juice
3 count cranberry juice
1/2 shot peach schnapps (archers)
1/2 shot vodka
1/2 shot malibu
1/2 shot midori

Fill collins glass 3/4 full with ice. Add all ingredients into a cocktail tin. Shake. Pour into glass. Garnish with a slice of orange.


1/3 shot kahlua
1/3 shot Baileys Irish Cream
1/3 shot galliano

Layer into a shot glass and shoot very smooth drink.


1 measure white wine
1 measure midori
1 measure lemon liqueur
1 measure peach schnaaps
1 measure grenadine
1 measure grolsch/stella
1 measure vodka
1 measure malibu
1 measure Jack Daniels

Mix all in a pint glass with crushed ice.

Good luck. This will ruin you.


3/4 shot creme de cassis
white wine

Place creme de cassis in a wine glass and top up with wine.

Kir Royale

2 shots creme de cassis

place créme de cassis in bottom of champagne flute and pour chilled champagne on top. Stir gently.

Kirkby Folly Eye Freezer

1 Shots After Shock (Blue)
2 Shots bacardi
1 Shot Wild Turkey Bourbon
Top up WKD Blue

Take cocktail shaker & Half fill with crushed ice. Add 1 Shot Aftershock Blue, Add 2 Shots Bacardi, Add 1 Shot Wild Turkey Bourbon. Shake well & add to cocktail glass. Top up with WKD Blue.


3 orange juice
1 peach schnapps
1 blue curacao

Dead Simple... Add the Orange Juice to the Schnapps and Curacao and watch it turn luminous green. Very sweet, very fruity - very tasty!


1 shot midori
2 shots gin
1/2 shot dry vermouth
1 dash lemon juice

shake well together with crushed ice and strain into a cocktail glass.
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